About Us

Complex development challenges demand collaborative, dynamic, multidisciplinary approaches to research and practice. Adapt exists as a platform to convene the right team of thinkers and doers from our network of sustainable development professionals. Project teams are thoughtfully assembled to bring complementary skills together in optimal configurations.  Our problem-driven approach means every project is uniquely crafted to our clients' and partners' needs. We provide a range of sustainable development services and solutions.


Adapt was established by Lauren Hermanus in South Africa as a response to the need for alternatives to the rigidity of template-driven advisory services for sustainable development. It was conceived as a virtual space in which diverse, progressive researchers and development practitioners could come together to collaborate for maximum collective impact. Informed by complex systems thinking, Adapt is able to work internationally, drawing on a constantly expanding network of creative professionals with different expertise and experience in academia, government, NGOs and civil society, and the private sector.


Adapt is registered in South Africa and is a BBBEE empowered organisation.

How We Work

Adapt is a network-based practice. What does this mean? We draw on professional relationships across countries to assemble the right team for the problem, question or task at hand. 


We partner with people and organisations to work in a responsive and creative way.